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As a child on our farm I can remember sitting down to supper, having a full table, and the only thing on the table to eat that we hadn't grown was the salt in the shaker.  We still have days when our supper table is filled with top quality food we produced ourselves.  We produce: 

Grassfed beef:
We offer quality, grassfed Shorthorn Beef.  Our cattle are raised on grass pastures and without added steroids or antibiotics.
Our selected Shorthorn herd, under the same management for forty five years, has been directed toward raising cattle that efficiently convert grasses to beef.  Available by the pound, by the side, or whole.

Our Shiitake mushrooms, grown outdoors on oak logs to produce flavor filled mushrooms. They are producing eight months out of the year.  Available seasonally fresh or dried.

Southern sorghum molasses, simmered and skimmed over a hardwood fire, is the hands down replacement for sugar. 
Grown from seeds handed down from previous generations.  The cooking down of sorghum is a yearly family tradition in October.  Limited quantities of pints on quarts available.

Chestnut, pecan, and black walnut orchards have been established for more than two generations.  Place your order before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Salad greens, white cucumbers, radishes, carrots, daikon, German Johnson tomatoes, Moon and Stars watermelons, sweet and hot peppers, okra, pumpkins, squash, and birdhouse gourds are all grown from heirloom seeds.  Silver Queen is our long time family favorite sweet corn.  Varieties of plants, some common and some rare, with tastes that bring you back to your childhood; sitting at grandma's feet while she would string beans or silk corn.

Blueberries, strawberries, pears, wild persimmons, grape, muscadines and blackberries are available.  Call for seasonal avalibility.

Chicken eggs:
Our flock of laying hens produce a medley of colored eggs ranging from eggshell white to Sunday suit jacket brown and of course green too.  Get a dozen for your next meal.

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